Cosmetic tattoo is a technique which uses tattooing as a means of producing designs that resemble makeup, including eyeliner, eyebrows and lip liner. The process known as microblading involves a skilled technician assessing your natural skin tone and face shape to determine what will best suit your face, and then applying it with short, hair-shaped strokes of semi-permanent ink.  


  • Immediate results with easy maintenance

  • Fill in thin or sparse brows, define or accentuate lips

  • Save money on expensive make up

  • Look naturally beautiful from the moment you wake up

  • Achieve a more defined, youthful and radiant look that lasts for years

  • A more natural looking alternative to permanent tattooing

  • Correct asymmetric facial features, post-surgery and /or injury redefinition


Cosmetic tattooing will last anywhere from one to five years. The longevity will come down to aftercare, lifestyle and the condition of your skin. Those with oily skin will find their skin type is more resistant to colour, while those with fair or dry skin may find their colour lasts much longer. Avoid exposure to sunlight and chlorine. To prolong your colour, annual touch-ups are recommended to keep it looking fresh and luminous.



Cosmetic tattooing is suitable for most people and especially good for those suffering from make up related allergies.

Some things that may prevent you from having cosmetic tattooing:

  • Not suitable during pregnancy or when breastfeeding

  • Those on Accutane Retin A, topical steroids, prescription strength meds that affect the dermal layer of skin or blood thinners ^

  • Auto-immune disease ^

  • Diabetes: if you are insulin dependent your healing will be compromised ^

  • Glaucoma, Blood Disorders, Heart conditions or uncontrolled high blood pressure^

  • Keloid or hypertrophic scarring

Minimum 18 years of age. Otherwise a written consent from your legal guardian is required.

^ doctor’s note required


Eyebrow Feathering $550
Eyebrow Combo $600
Eyebrows Ombre $650
Eyebrow Touch up $150
Eyebrow Colour Boost fr $250


Eyeliner Lash Enhancement $300
Eyeliner - Normal $350
Eyeliner - Bespoke $450
Eyeliner Touch Up $150
Bottom Eye Liner $300


Full Lips $650
Lip Touch Up $200
Lip Liner $300
Lip Liner Touch Up $100