Say goodbye to red veins, hyper-pigmentation and skin lesions. Say hello to beautiful, flawless skin.

Developed by Hubert Lam, the advanced non-invasive Clinical Skin Clear Probe is a system that pairs radio with high frequency technology for fast, precise removal of minor skin irregularities. This treatment produces exceptional results for clients without penetrating the surface or damaging the surrounding skin. Clients see immediate results with small skin tags and blood spots disappearing instantaneously and hyper-pigmented areas, such as liver or age spots disappearing in a matter of seconds.


    The Clinical Skin Clear Probe is an effective treatment for:

    • Skin Tags
    • Hyperpigmentation
    • Spider Naevi
    • Cholesterol Deposits
    • Milia and Angiomas
    • Telangiectasis
    • Acne Pimples
    • Fibroma Simplex
    • Clogged Pores
    • Broken Capillaries
    • Age Spots




    The procedure is extremely quick with minimal discomfort. Depending on the skin condition being treated, clients will see immediate, long lasting results. For larger, more complex skin abnormalities, a series of treatments may be required to effectively reduce the appearance of the irregularity. A consultation with our expert dermal clinicians will provide a definite, bespoke program for you.

    The healing process is equally as impressive with majority of clients completely healed in two to four days for skin tags. For larger skin abnormalities such as telangiectasia, fibromas, cholesterol deposits or pustules, the healing process is 2-3 weeks.


    The Clinical Skin Clear Probe is suitable for most skin types and effectively treats the majority of skin lesion issues. With only minimal discomfort and short healing times, this procedure is especially suitable for those with sensitive skin. 

    It is by far the preferred alternative to more traditional procedures as there is no lingering burning sensation and no risk of scaring or pigmentation complications.