THE procedure

The Marine Herbal Peel lifts the epidermis to promote shedding and the removal of old, damaged skin. The combined action of friction and marine silicates causes a micro-trauma to the skin, promoting a natural rejuvenation process. As excess skin is removed, the body naturally replenishes moisture levels, renews collagen synthesis and improves the overall epidermal structure.

Although classed as a “peel” treatment, the Marine Herbal Peel more closely mimics the procedure of skin needling rather than chemical peel. Post treatment, the silicates remain in the epidermis and skin can feel quite sensitive for a few days. The sensation has been described as “broken glass” under the skin ( only when touched ) and over the next few days the silicates dry out the epidermis and the skin begins to shed.



    This peel is suitable for most skin types including pregnant women, however those with sensitive skin may find it uncomfortable. 

    One of the best things about the Marine Herbal Peel is the visible plumpness in the skin, a result generally associated with dermal fillers not peels.

    Being a level 3 peel, we recommend using Vitamin A and AHA products in your home skincare routine to ensure the very best results. The length of time you prep will vary depending on your skin type and is best discussed with your dermal clinician at La Belle Peau.


    Considered a medium strength treatment, with immense activity generated within the skin, it's recommended you leave a minimum of 4 weeks in between treatments to ensure optimal recovery.