THE procedure

Cryobroadlight permanent hair reduction works by emitting intense pulses of light, which are absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicle, converting it to heat, and damaging the follicle to reduce re-growth indefinitely. The light specifically targets the hair follicle and therefore there is minimal damage to the surrounding skin. Following treatment, the damaged hair follicles will fall out and fail to regrow.

Some clients describe a quick, warm rubber band flicking sensation, lasting only a flash of time with each light pulse. The sensation is temporary and most clients tolerate this feeling well with no anaesthetic needed. However, we can certainly apply numbing cream to the treatment area prior should you wish. 



To prepare for treatment, please arrive fully shaved. It is important that you do not wax or remove hair at the root at least one month prior to your treatment, as the procedure won't work unless there are hair follicles present.

Skin must be clean and make-up free. Do not apply fake tan and ensure any tan is removed prior to treatment. Ensure the hair being treated is not bleached and your skin is not freshly exfoliated. Avoid the sun prior to treatment for at least 4 weeks to avoid tanning.


Avoid warm showers and sunlight. If your skin feels particularly warm you can apply a cool compress. Apply 30+ SPF when going outside.

Avoid shaving or any hair removal one week following treatment to allow hair to fall out naturally. Avoid swimming pools with chlorinated water. Do not exfoliate or perform any skin peels for at least one week.