Having taken the UK by storm since its launch in 2013, 3D Lipomed is now available in Australia.

3D Lipomed is a powerful new step forward in non-invasive body sculpting, enabling non-surgical fat removal, treatment of cellulite and skin tightening for both face and body. With impressive results, it is easy to understand the strong celebrity following this technology has gained.

This treatment is not a weight loss therapy but is designed for adults with excess stubborn areas of fat, with loose skin or resistant cellulite. Unlike laser-lipolysis, there is no requirement for additional exercise post-treatment in order to metabolise the released fat.

There are four types of treatment available and for most clients a bespoke combination course is recommended. Results can be seen immediately and are optimised at 8 - 12 weeks.


Price:               Client consult needed
Skin Types:      Suitable for all skin types