Semi Permanent Eyebrow Tattoos


Are you tired of relentless eyebrow maintenance? We all want to boast the strong eyebrow game of Cara Delevingne, but it takes a lot of time and effort to achieve that striking celebrity brow look. From plucking and waxing to brushing and pencilling, defining your brows can feel like a costly and time-consuming chore that never seems to end.

Eyebrows are one of the most important features on the face: they frame our eyes and express our emotions. So it’s no surprise we’re all striving for amazing arches. Unfortunately, not everyone is born with full and flattering brows and the skinny brow trend of the 90s left many unable to grow their eyebrows back to their former glory.

Some people solve this problem by shaving their brows off altogether and permanently tattooing on a new pair. However, with trends changing as fast as they do, the permanent option can be a bit of a risk, especially if you don’t want to commit to one eyebrow look for the rest of your life.

Thankfully there’s another, less permanent solution that will give you perfect, low maintenance brows that’ll last for around 3 years. So whether you like your brows thick or thin, arched or straight, you can try semi-permanent eyebrow tattoos and get the brows of your dreams.



Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Tattoos are a softer, more natural looking alternative to eyebrow tattoos, which wear off after a couple of years. The process, also known as microblading, involves a skilled technician assessing the colour and shape of brow that will best suit your face, and then painting them on with short, hair-shaped strokes of semi-permanent ink.

This treatment has been massive hit in Asia for years and has recently begun growing in popularity in Australia. It’s no surprise the trend is starting to catch on with all of its amazing benefits. You can fill in thin or sparse brows, save money on eyebrow pencils and enjoy the confidence of knowing your brows look perfect even after tossing and turning in your sleep or going for a swim. But before you dive right in, there are a few things you should know before making the decision to get semi-permanent eyebrow tattoos.


Feathering is the most popular way semi-permanent brow tattoos are drawn. The ‘feather touch’ technique involves using a row of needles to hand-draw each eyebrow hair. The needles are used first to gently prepare the skin for ink, and then the ink is applied directly afterwards. The process is repeated until your brows look perfect – you can go for lightly shaded, subtly coloured, or completely filled out brows. And at La Belle Peau, the technique is customised to suit your unique look!


You want to use the right tools for the job, especially when you have to wear the results on your face for the next few years. That’s why it’s important to ensure your technician is using a high quality ink. Not only does a good ink have better staying power, but some of the lower quality inks can impact the colour of your brows over time. Poor quality black inks can turn blue or green over time and poor quality brown inks can turn red.

La Belle Peau understands the value of using the highest quality ingredients, which is why we only use the best, low-chemical, vegan inks to ensure we achieve the best possible results.


Even more important than having the right tools for the job is having the right person for the job. No one enjoys trying out a new beautician or hairdresser only to come out with a look that is nothing like what they wanted. When you’re dealing with a semi-permanent treatment, you want to make extra sure you’re going see the desired results.

Korean-trained specialists undergo more rigorous studies before tattooing than their Australian counterparts. In Korea, to be an eyebrow specialist you must complete a 4 month course, learning a variety of techniques, but in Australia the course is only a week long. For this reason, many people feel safer using a Korean-trained technician, knowing they’ve had that extra education.

Experience is just as important, which is why when you choose La Belle Peau, you can assure you’re getting a highly trained and experienced specialist for your treatment. If you’re ready for a complete brow reconstruction with microblading, give us a call today on 08 6361 1500.

Virginia ChongLa Belle Peau