What is Cryo Broadlight?

CBL Process

  • CBL is one of the most advanced light treatment solutions available today.
  • CBL’s Genesis Toning pulse minimizes continuous thermal exposure to the targeted skin and delivers highly reliable treatment.
  • It is equipped with advanced technology that minimizes treatment time.
  • CBL’s Skin Cooling System maintains the cooling temperature of the contact point, for your comfort, and to minimize any impact of heat on the surface of the skin.

cblCBL helps to achieve a smooth, even and refreshed skin by stimulating skin growth and repair. It is also highly effective for permanent hair reduction.

The body eliminates the destroyed material through the lymphatic system.

The CBL Difference

  • CBL offers some of the most advanced light-based skin treatments available today.
  • It is equipped with six different filters to pulse the intense light directly to the target chromophore, enabling your practitioner to provide precise and accurate treatment.
  • CBL’s exclusive toning pulse, “Genesis”, provides collagen stimulation for a refreshed, more youthful skin.
  • CBL uses a proprietary Skin Cooling System that maintains the cooling temperature of the contact point to provide optimal comfort uring treatment.

Is CBL for everyone?

  • Whether you can have CBL and how it works for you is determined by your skin type and condition.
  • People with lighter skin are the best candidates, but CBL can be successfully performed on a number of skin types.
  • People with certain conditions cannot receive CBL.
  • Everyone must complete a skin type assessment before progressing to CBL.
  • Skin types are graded according to their “Fitzpatrick” type.Your practitioner will help you determine your skin type.


CBL treatment is best postponed if:

  • you have tanned skin
  • you have a disease that is stimulated by light (e.g., Epilepsy)
  • you are using photosensitive drugs (e.g., Roacutane)
  • you are pregnant

We recommended that you seek medical advice prior to CBL treatment.


Skin tightening, Pore size and fine wrinkles


CBL treatment progressively tightens the skin by stimulating the production of new collagen and elastin. Fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed, and the skin appears more plump and youthful.

Pore size may be reduced as the skin tightens.

Sun damage


CBL’s intense pulsed light targets darkened areas of sun damaged skin, causing them to heat up, then break down and flake off. The process is called Photothermolysis.

You may experience some temporary darkening of the treated areas, which will begin to fade after about 5-7 days. They will become progressively lighter with each treatment. Three to four treatments are recommended.

Dark circles under the eyes


CBL helps to fade dark circles under the eyes. This can occur gradually over the course of several treatments.

CBL for permanent hair reduction

  • CBL permanent hair reduction uses light energy in the form of pulses of intense light to target and destroy hair follicles, preventing the regrowth of the hair.
  • It works by emitting intense pulses of light, which are absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicle.
  • The procedure is predictable. Most people experience approximately 80% reduction in hair after between 4 and 8 treatments.
  • CBL treatment for permanent hair reduction is less painful than waxing, and whereas CBL kills the hair follicle, waxing simply pulls out the hair by its roots, so another hair begins growing again quite quickly.
  • Normally a person will need between 4 and 8 treatments to achieve an 80% reduction in the amount of hair. Unlike waxing, ongoing regular treatments are not required, although you may wish to have a session occasionally to target stray hairs.
  • This means that over the course of many years, CBL permanent hair reduction can be considerably less expensive than waxing.

CBL process



  • Your eyes will be protected with eye pads and/or dark glasses.
  • A cool gel will be spread over the area of skin to be treated.
  • The surface of the handpiece is placed against your skin and you will be aware of the pulses of light flashing. You will feel a slight
    sting, as if a rubber band is being snapped against your skin, but this is minimal because of the CBL’s adjustable Skin Cooling System.
  • The length of the treatment will depend on the size of the area being treated. At the end of the treatment, a moisturizing cream and sunblock will be applied.
  • CBL treatment does not involve any downtime, so you will be free to resume your normal activities when the treatment is complete.


  • If there is any mild swelling, you might be given a cold pack to apply to your skin for a few minutes.
  • You must protect your skin with a good sunblock at all times. Daily use of medical-grade skin care products will help optimise your

Required number of treatments

  • Photo-rejuvenation: approximately 3 – 5 treatments, spaced about a month apart. The exact number of treatments depends on the individual skin problem.
  • Some improvement can be seen after each treatment.
  • Hair Reduction: several treatments over up to 12 months, spaced approximately 4 – 6 weeks apart. Hair grows in cycles, some dormant while others are growing. The hair follicle can only be destroyed while the hair is growing.

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