Are you bikini-ready? The ultimate treatment guide to look good all summer

Are You Bikini-Ready? The Ultimate Treatment Guide to Look Good all Summer!

The weather’s warming up and the sun is shining as we say hello to the first days of Summer, aka the season of fun! In Australia Summer means barbecues with friends, rooftop cocktails, pool parties, picnics at the park and lazy days on the beach. What’s not to love?

Don’t get us wrong we love Summer it’s more a case of “I’m not ready yet!” The heat seems to sneak up on us before we’ve had a chance to shake off the Winter blues and start our beach-bod prep.

Don’t worry, though. It’s not too late. Whether you’re a bronzed beach babe or a porcelain beauty, La Belle Peau can help get you looking your best for bikini season.

Take a look at some of our great treatments for a gorgeous Summer-ready bod below.

Spray Tan

Unless you’re immune to 40-degree heat, Summer in Perth generally means showing some leg. But after hiding those pins away all Winter, they’re not always the bronzed beauties you might see on Instagram. With all the nasty health risks and skincare dramas that come along with sun baking, a spray tan is the safest way to achieve that coveted Summer glow.

At La Belle Peau, we use the much-loved Naked Tan spray tan. It’s a quick 10-minute treatment, which can be washed off in just 2 hours. Unlike other spray tans, which might turn your skin an unflattering shade of orange, each Naked Tan shade has been designed to match a specific skin tone, or we can personalise a colour just for you. Plus, it’s loved by celebrities, TV stars and Victoria Secret Angels so you know it’s good!


Sunscreen keeps you safe against burns, but it can start to feel a bit heavy after a few uses. Daily use of sunscreen can clog pores, so it’s good to give them a deep clean to refresh your skin. Your regular home cleansing and exfoliation routine may be great for topically cleaning the skin, but it can miss those spots deep inside the pores and follicles.

Microdermabrasion has the answer: it vacuums out the dirt, while it cleans, leaving the skin smooth, fresh and clean. The Microdermabrasion system uses a diamond head uses suction and exfoliation to completely remove dead skin, unclog pores and leave your skin silky smooth.

3D Lipomed

Indulging on calorie heavy winter warmers can leave us feeling a bit heavy by the time bikini season rolls back around. Throw the festive season in after that and it’s easy to feel a little less than your ideal self. If you want to tighten up your tummy before you squeeze back into your swimmers, you can do so safely and scar-free with 3D Lipomed.

It’s not what you might think. With 3D Lipomed there are no needles and the procedure is non-invasive. It uses low frequency ultrasound to break up fat cells, so they can be metabolised and absorbed. Clients will see results from the first treatment, but for the best results 6-8 weekly treatments are recommended.

Waxing / CBL Hair Removal

After a long winter, you can be forgiven for not keeping up with your usual hair removal regime. But there’s no more jumpers and jeans to hide behind and if you want to rock a teeny bikini, you don’t want stray hairs spoiling the effect.

La Belle Peau has your hair removal needs covered from legs to the delicate bikini line. We suggest booking your waxing treatments in before it gets busy, or why not give CBL a go?

CBL (Cryo Broadlight) is the future of hair removal. An advanced version of IPL, it uses intense light pulses to target and destroy hair follicles at the root – preventing the re-growth of the hair. Unlike IPL it doesn’t send you home in tears of pain, works on almost all skin and hair types, and after your initial round of treatments requires little to no ongoing treatments – saving you money in the long run. The icing on the cake? It also tightens and firms the skin. CBL is a serious game changer!


Summer is a time for showing off your natural beauty – you don’t want to be wearing a face full of eye makeup when you go for a swim! If you want to enhance your barefaced beauty, eyelash and eyebrow tints are the way to go. Giving the appearance of fuller lashes and brows that are always on fleek, tinting is a great no-makeup solution for Summer.

Want to take it one step further? Semi-permanent eyebrow tattoos, aka feather touched brows, offer the epitome of carefree selfie-approved brows. It’s a surprisingly painless process and delivers outstanding results.

At La Belle Peau, we’re lucky enough to have a Korean eyebrow tattoo specialist on hand. The treatment has been extremely popular in Korea for years so the training and certifications they have to go through are far more advanced than what we have here. At the end of the day this treatment is not something you can immediately wash off if it’s not up to scratch, so it pays to have a highly experienced expert!

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